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FAQ - Reseller

What is DESSINI Reseller Program?


  • DESSINI Reseller Program is DESSINI's loyalty rewards program special for DESSINI resellers/drop-ship agents ("Reseller) in Malaysia, who aged 18 and above. You can use your earned points to redeem for a variety of DESSINI products that suit your business.


  • Join for free today and get rewarded for doing the things you’re already doing as a DESSINI business owner. Do connecting and engaging with us on social media for more exciting deals!




How do I join DESSINI Reseller Program?


  • You can join DESSINI Reseller Program by visiting DESSINI Official Store platform Home Page at and clicking the “LOGIN” link on the top right of the navigation bar. Your registration will be confirmed with an email which required verification of email associated with completion of registration form.


  • Once your application been verified and approved, your will be informed via email. You can start your purchase and earning points with DESSINI Official Store right away after account activated.




What rewards can I get as a DESSINI Reseller?


  • Reseller can use their earned reward points to redeem for various DESSINI products as listed in DESSINI Official Store platform. DESSINI products are updated regularly, so do check the Products Page frequently for the latest featured products! The "AUTHORISED" title will be granted automatically when you have been qualified as Gold / Platinum Reseller.


  • Please note that various products will be subject to restrictions (i.e. point required, limited quantities, only available between specific dates and etc.) So please read carefully before redeeming.




What is rewards points?


  • Your redeemable rewards points are the number of points you have earned during the course of a calendar year and are available to redeem for DESSINI products. This number decreases with each DESSINI products you redeemed. Your rewards points balance carries over from year to year.




How do I earn points?


  • You can earn rewards points by purchasing DESSINI products from DESSINI Official Store platform. Be sure to log into your DESSINI Reseller account while placing order and check out for payment. Please allow 2 to 5 business days for completed activities to be marked completed and/or show up in your activities history.




How do I redeem my points?


  • Once you have enough points to redeem DESSINI products, visit the Products page of our DESSINI Official Store platform. Click on the products you want and then follow the instructions to check out. You’ll receive a confirmation email when the transaction is completed with detailed instructions on how to receive your products.




Do my points ever expire?


  • Reward Points may never expire and keep accumulating, so long as you make 1 point-earning transaction within the calendar year (1 Jan – 31 Dec), your points will continue to accumulate. 


  • However, we will not be able to reinstate your rewards points after it has expired. We highly encourage you to monitor the expiry of your points in the future.




How to check rewards point history


  • You may check your points history through the DESSINI online account under My reward point section to verify the points earned. In case of discrepancy, you may contact us to look further into the issue.




Can I transfer my points to another account?


  • No, you cannot combine, sell, or otherwise transfer your points to another DESSINI account. Any attempt to combine or transfer points will result in termination of your DESSINI Reseller account and forfeiture of all points in your account.




What are the different reseller levels, and how do I move from one tier to the next?


Basic > Silver > Gold > Platinum


  • Reseller levels are determined by the completed purchase volume transaction in one calendar year (1 Jan – 31 Dec) and are set at the following ranges:


  • Basic: RM1 - RM50,000
  • Silver: RM50,001 - RM300,000
  • Gold: RM300,001 - RM600,000
  • Platinum: RM600,001 and above


  • You will begin to receive the new earn rate for your new level as soon as you reach the completed purchase volume threshold. Enhanced points multipliers will allow you to earn more reward points for every purchase transaction you make. You will continue to have those benefits through the end of the following calendar year.




Could my tier be ‘downgraded’ a few levels down


  • Yes. Let’s say, your current tier is Platinum. You will stay on Platinum from 1 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2020 ("calendar year"). However, if you unable to meet stipulated completed purchase volume transaction threshold (i.e achieved total completed purchase amounted RM40,000 only) via DESSINI online account within the calendar year, your Platinum tier would be ‘downgraded’ to the Basic tier (or any tiers according to your completed purchase volume made within the calendar year) with effective 1 Jan 2021. Also, your title as Authorised Reseller will be affected accordingly.


  • No worry, your reseller tier will be revised again according to the stipulated completed purchase volume threshold made during the calendar year.




Is it possible for me to lose Points?


  • There are a few ways you may lose Points from your DESSINI Reseller account:


  • If you have not made any purchase transaction via logged into DESSINI online account within the calendar year.


  • If it is concluded that you have gained points by violating the terms and conditions of the DESSINI Reseller program, those Points will be removed from your account (and your account is subject to termination).



How come my number of points and DESSINI Reseller level hasn't updated on my Reseller account?


  • Please allow approximately 2 to 5 business days after the qualified activity has taken place for totals to update. If your points have not updated after the given time, please reach out to DESSINI Reseller Support at using email subject tile “RESELLER REWARD POINTS VERIFICATION”.




Will I need to pay for shipping on the DESSINI products I’ve redeemed?


  • Yes. You are required to pay shipping and handling charges. Please review the available details in the rewards description prior to redeeming a reward to determine if shipping and handling charges apply to that reward.  Please do not redeem any award that requires payment of shipping and handling charges if you are not willing or able to pay those charges.




Can I opt out or cancel my DESSINI Reseller status?


  • We will be sad to see you go! But if you decide to cancel your DESSINI Reseller status, you can do so by email to us at with email subject title “RESELLER TERMINATION”.


  • Upon opting out, your rewards points and all benefits related to the DESSINI Reseller program will be forfeited. This means that you will no longer collect points for any purchases made, or have access to reseller information once you agree to opt-out. These include the following:


  • Unable to earn points
  • No longer eligible for tier progression
  • No longer eligible for special point multiplier
  • Do note that we will not be able to restore your previous points balance should you wish to opt back in at a later date.


  • The above list is non-exhaustive. As we are constantly offering new services to serve you better, do check back regularly to stay updated.