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Stainless Steel Diffusion Base Cookware

Stainless Steel Diffusion Base


 What is Stainless Steel?

  • Stainless steel is an iron and chromium alloy.
  • Stainless contain at least 10.5% chromium, the exact components and ratios will vary based on the grade requested and the intended use of the steel.
  • The exact composition of an alloy is strictly measured and assessed throughout the alloying process to ensure the steel exhibits the required qualities.


Reasons to add other metals and gasses to a stainless-steel alloy:

  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Improved strength
  • Improved weldability
  • Improved formability
  • Controlling magnetism


Pros of stainless-steel cookware?

  • Stainless steel can handle screaming-hot temperatures
  • Conducts heats evenly during cooking.
  • Heat spreads quickly and evenly across the bottom, up the sides and across the cover to completely surround the food being cooked.
  • Non-stick coating surface
  • Lightweight metal for easy to handle.
  • Anti-rust.